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Safety Supply Solutions professional, portable LED floodlightsflashlightssearchlights, and work lights are used and trusted all over the world, from fire and emergency services, the police, and the armed forces to construction sites and oil fields.

As the Australian and New Zealand supplier for the UK's leading LED light manufacturers, Nightsearcher lights have gained a reputation for staunch reliability, extreme durability, and ease of use. 

NightSearcher lights can be found at homes, on farms, in schools, at workshops, and in toolkits:

We are wherever there's a need for bright, long-lasting light.



NightSearcher started in 1989 with a clear goal; to provide high performance, easy to use portable, rechargeable lighting solutions for sectors with strict requirements, and situations where reliable lighting is critical yet not easily accessible. 30 years on, we are the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of professional portable LED floodlights, searchlights, flashlights, work lights, and head torches.

NightSearcher LED lights are used and trusted all over the world by a wide variety of commercial and industrial users, from emergency services, armed forces, and the police to railways, industrial, and construction sectors, among others.


As manufacturers, we are constantly developing new and enhancing existing products. When designing our new lights, we aim to surpass ourselves every single year: We want our LEDs to be brighter, our batteries to last longer, and our beams to reach further. Our guiding principle, however, remains unchanged: We listen to our customers, designing our lighting systems to meet their needs.


By any definition, 30 years in business is a long time, but we feel like we’ve just started. We will continue to embrace leading-edge innovation and engineering in the quest to make our products even better, and to provide lighting where it’s needed the most.


We’d like to thank all our customers for the support given over the past 30 years and look forward to being of service for the coming years!




Safety Supply Solutions

PO Box 793

Round Corner NSW 2158


Safety Supply Solutions

Avondale, Auckland 1026



Landline: + 61 (02) 9624 5545

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